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Housing During a Separation

February 27th, 2012 | Posted by preparefordivorce in divorce advice

divorce advice for womenThe time during and after a divorce poses a lot of questions and uncertainties, such as, “Where do I live now?” If you are only separated, the worst idea is to purchase property. The reason? Imagine the ordeal if the two reconcile and now you’re stuck with a mortgage on a home or condo. One option is to look for corporate housing. Corporate rentals are furnished properties that can be rented on a monthly basis. This is a great option until you figure out where you stand financially.

What you shouldn’t do is rush into purchasing property, burden friends, sign a long-term lease, or stay at a hotel. Who knows how long your divorce process will take. You might wear out your welcome quickly among friends. A typical lease is 12 months long, but you do not know where you will be in that amount of time. Hotels are a no-no mainly because during an emotional and troubling time, you don’t want to live out of a suitcase and feel like you have no home. Plus it’s very costly.

Temporary housing will make you feel less like a transient and will be easier on the entire family. Don’t begin any long-term housing searches until the divorce is complete and you feel ready to move on with your life.

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